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avatar info?

Discussion in 'Website, User Experience And Interfaces' started by sky, Oct 6, 2014 at 7:45 AM.

  1. sky


    The new forum looks absolutely slick and pro :)

    Was just on my profile page to enter my usual details for a forum profile.
    I was entering a few words in Status Message and would expect to see that directly under my avatar - but there is nothing?
    1. So where does the Status Message info display? Normally I would use this space to display my wallet address, or a few words of my picking - like Coinerz's Admin Monkey :)
    2. OK then I saw - further down on the profile editing page - that there is a section to fill in your NHZ Wallet Address - did that - but I don't see it displayed when posting?
    3. Going to the Signature section and entering the wallet address there does display below when I make a post, so at least the sig part works as intended.
    I can see e.g. Coinerz's avatar has an Administrator banner and his word of choice above, and that is what I am looking for to my avatar. Shouldn't there be a Member banner under my avatar?

    So no 1 and 2 I would be happy to hear more about thank you.
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