The NeXT Horizon Team

Unlike the vast majority of altcoin development teams who prefer to stay anonymous and disappear into the ether when the going gets tough, the NeXT Horizon team pride themselves on the quality of their work. That's because they're all damned good at what they do and compliment each others skill sets perfectly. The NeXT Horizon team are able to leave their egos at the door because they know that the people who really matter are the ones who put their faith in their work.


Jon Teets (@jonteets005) is a software engineer and manager with over 25 years of experience who has built four companies and managed development teams for Microsoft in China. He is an expert in server-side antivirus and antispam software. Jon is highly experienced in seat-of-the-pants Agile and in-development processes so heavy you need a forklift of paperwork and a year's worth of Catch-22 negotiation training just to get your cubicle assigned to you deep, deep inside the Borg infrastructure.

Proficiencies: C,C++ and C#/ASP.NET

Xander Shepherd (@n00bsys0p) has over 20 years of computing experience, having served as a professional slackware Linux server administrator, product developer and project manager. He has contributed to a wide variety of cryptocurrency communities and projects including XC and NHZ. Xander is also a co-host of Cryptocurrency Collectors Club, the most respected altcoin group on Facebook.

Proficiencies: PHP, Python, BASH, C++, most major front-end languages

Steve Buss (@asptrader) is a database/application manager/designer/developer with 25 years experience in various large enterprises in finance markets, banking, technology, education and trading. Steve has participated in most phases and roles of the software development life cycle, including requirements, business process design, logical and physical application design and programming.

Proficiencies: C#, C++, Java, R, Delphi, Oracle DB, E/R Modelling, OO (UML) Modelling

James Malach (@jamesmalach) has over 20 years of web development experience and is currently the founder and chief technology officer of Coinerz. He has extensive experience in online community and social network creation and is an experienced entrepreneur who has helped guide companies from initial fund-raising to acquisition and has held board level positions with a variety of early stage businesses. Experienced in managing development teams across the world, he currently sits on the board of two crypto-related startups and is a trusted advisor and contributor to several others.

Proficiencies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Adobe Creative Suite

Simon De La Rouviere (@simondlr) is a cryptocurrency developer and creator of the Cypherfunks and a contributor to several open source cryptocurrency projects. Simon is also a full-stack developer and public speaker on the social and political power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Proficiencies: Java, C, C++, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python

Dan Metcalf (@atc_secure) is a platform architect who designed and created the first split screen ANSI based BBS chat, the first SAT database software for educational use and TSR-based Novell email. Dan also designed the industry's first marine-based multi-path scalable RF distributed antenna system and has been the lead infrastructure architect for several large scale enterprise level web-based applications. And if that wasn't enough, Dan is also the founder and lead architect of Xcurrency (XC).


Nick Cote (@mbtcpizpie) is an investor and full-time crypto enthusiast for over a year, Nick first gained interest in cryptocurrency in 2013 and has since made it a full time job and passion. His vision is to spread the education and adoption of blockchain-based technologies and he believes strongly developing technologies that promote and attain privacy and security.

Proficiencies: Management, Promotion, Social Media and Networking

James Clayton (@cryptocc) is the founder of Cryptocurrency Collectors Club, the most respected alt currency group on Facebook. He is also an avid crypto blogger, trader, miner, fundamentals analyst, and investor who has spent many years working with a variety of electronic systems in challenging environments. James is a true revolutionary and a firm believer in cryptocurrency and his goal is to bring awareness to cryptocurrency, and show people why it is so important and life changing.

Proficiencies: Arcane Script Languages, Marketing, Promotion, Management, Networking

Ofer Shoshani (@donshoshan) is the founder and CEO of Qwa Qwa and Co-founder of C.C.C. (Crypto-Currency Consultants). He has over 12 years of online marketing experience, with a strong focus on community building, traffic generation, conversions, social media, search marketing and affiliate programs. With a degree in psychology and years of experience in the fields of online marketing and journalism, Ofer brings to the changing world of crypto the idea that a combination of human behavior and technology is the main key for long-term success, both in development and in trading.

Proficiencies: Marketing, Networking, PR, Journalism and Consulting

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