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Free / Very Cheap VPS

Discussion in 'Bounties And Give-Aways' started by TheQuake, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Cloudsigma.com - Up to 2 free VPS / One week

    1. Go on https://autodetect.cloudsigma.com/ui/

    2. Enter your e-mail, and wait for activation URL (I prefer to use GMAIL, i used my local domain mail, and they ask me for many things)

    3. Set up your password (just when you click activation url)

    4. Activate your account by SMS (it's free, don't worry :)
    Anyway, if you get notification that you're mail isn't good for them, write to Online Chat, and tell them, that you want to test their service for your project (and you need to update your profile details then)

    5. Create your server:
    - Go on: https://zrh.cloudsigma.com/ui/#/drives/create
    - Set some details:

    6. Then go to "Drives", click Attach drive -> Drive from marketplace. Find "Debian 7.3 Server" Drive. Click Attach Drive

    7. Click save button, and simply Run :)

    Password for the server are for default (root is disabled by default):
    Username: cloudsigma
    Password: cs2014!!!
    But if they're wrong, go to My Drives, click your "Debian 7.3 Server", go to "Install Notes" and here you got :)

    My wallet id: NHZ-4DLC-HQG6-UUNP-D64YF

    I'll post few more free or veeery cheap vps soon :)
  2. oly

    The link in this tutorial gives you a $10 (2 month) credit for free VPS hosting:



    My NHZ address: oly
  3. thequake then how do i proceed to install the node?
  4. Connect with the server by Putty or another SSH client, then go to threads:
  5. I'm really grateful for the response, but i'm afraid i don't understand chinese hahaha!
    (no, seriously, i'll look up for? what does "connect with a ssh client" refer to in google or wikipedia, i'll come back if i get lost enough to raise the white flag x-x)
  6. Wouldn't this not work because the IP is dynamic?
  7. I tried to set up a vps...

    when i run NHZ and try to connect it brings following error:

    HTTP ERROR: 405
    Problem accessing /index.html. Reason:
    ? ? HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL
    Powered by Jetty://

    Any suggestions?
  8. Ok i tried with the wrong port 7774 but with 7776 it also doesnt work :-/
  9. If you VPS is up 24/7, then ip will the same

    Are you trying to connect on your pc to local wallet on your node (vps)?

    The free Amazon server (AWS) - EC2 is enough for node. It's one year 24/7 server. I'm using Windows server and it works fine.
    I can't imagine registration process, because i have it already, you need to provide your CC details.
  10. If you VPS is up 24/7, then ip will the same

    Are you trying to connect on your pc to local wallet on your node (vps)?

    I try to connect to the node (vps)...
  11. It's denying me permission to run the java client and idk how to login as root, I think they blocked that too
  12. type "sudo su" and then run it
    root is blocked by default, but with that command you can get root perms
  13. how do i set up an autostart if it accidently stops working?
  14. cmon guys, its a valid question

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