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    I figured you would click as people usually avoid "Read me" files or posts. Here we go:

    What does SBS mean?
    SBS is the Server Bounty System that automatically pays out bounties to nodes after 24 hours uptime.

    What else do I need to get bounty from the SBS?
    You need a valid hallmark and the port 7774 needs to be reachable from the outside world.

    Does it work with dynamic (changing) IP addresses?
    No, that doesn't work. We use the IP address as identifier in our database. We don't intend to "fix" that, as dynamic nodes don't give the network the stability we're looking for. Sorry!

    How can I check if everything is set up correctly?
    We have a tool in our block explorer to check nodes. Just put in your IP address! It can take up to a few hours to display all information correctly. We are working on this.

    Where can I see payouts?
    Either use the tool mentioned above or check out ##nhz-sbs on freenode (IRC), where every payout is publicly announced. The block explorer can show bounty payouts, too!

    Question not answered? Feel free to post! :)
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