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    Welcome To The Future Of Good Economy!

    Asset ID#:14027245553053047036

    92,000,000 nhzKARM asset shares will be issued. 23,000,000 at an IPO of 10:1 or 10 nhzKARM assets for every NHZ coin; Second phase of IPO of 19,000,000 of 1:1, and a 3,000,000 giveaway as bounty to those who will help the promotion of nhzKARM asset. Karma donors will also receive their giveaway.
    The nhzKARM assets will pay weekly dividends, weekly to your KARMA account on the first month;
    on the 2nd-4th month, pay out will be every 2 weeks;
    on the 5th to 6th month pay out will be paid every 30th of the month;
    on the 7th month onwards pay out will be paid every 3 months, on the 30th of the 3rd month.

    Dividend period will start after 1 week of IPO announcement on Bitcointalk and NHZ forums. 920,000 nhzKARM assets is eligible for 1% of nhzKARM profits.
    Please send a message through the NHZ Wallet where you hold the nhzKARM asset in, with your Karma Wallet address. Download Karma wallet here: http://easteagle13.wix.com/karma#!wallets/c106d

    Join Us For Some Free nhzKARM Assets

    What is nhzKARM asset?

    It is an asset created within the NHZ Asset Exchange, directly proportional to the number of the total Karma, the digital money of 92 Billion. With the proportion of 1000 KARMA:1 nhzKARM asset.

    What is nhzKARM purpose?

    1. Through this asset, Karma holders and investors can earn profit dividends and increase their Karma holdings by buying a percentage of the total number of nhzKARM assets.

    2. This asset will also create some market buy support for Karma. One of the source of income of this asset is coin trading of Karma and NHZ coins.

    3. A part of this asset will also be used to rent mining rigs to mine Karma to lend network support for Karma.

    4. An opt in 10% of the profits generated by various asset ventures will be collected for further development of APPS and services for Karma.

    5. An opt in 10% of the profits generated by various asset ventures will be set aside for Karma-community-chosen charity organization or drive.

    6. When NHZ network is properly equipped as their developers are continually improving asset exchange services and utilities, this asset can be traded too with other form of NHZ assets.

    7. This asset will also compensate for funding needs of Karma services development and maintenance instead of continually running a donation call.

    How will this work?

    1. To be able to get nhzKARM assets, you will need to install an NHZ wallet. Here are the links and tutorial on how to do that. http://nhzcrypto.org/, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1455308544755606.1073741829.1440640676222393&type=1

    2. Once you have installed and secured your own wallet and account with a very long pass phrase, you can now buy some NHZ coins from poloniex exchange: https://poloniex.com/

    3. When you have transferred enough number of NHZ coins to your own wallet, click the tab on the left side of your wallet window that is labeled "Asset Exchange", it will open the Asset Exchange window with a small button on the top right side labeled "ADD ASSET", click that and paste the Asset ID number of nhzKARM: 14027245553053047036. You will then see the available nhzKARM assets that are for sale.

    4. When you see the asset, you can now buy on the current IPO price of 10 nhzKARM assets per 1 NHZ coin. When all of the amount of nhzKARM assets for phase one distribution has been sold (23 000 000), the price you will see will be 1 nhzKARM asset for every NHZ coin. Buy as many as you like.

    5. After you have bought the amount of nhzKARM assets that you want, you have to send a message to NHZ-793P-2V2F-4TJS-62775, containing the following details:

    a. Your Karma Wallet Address, this will be used to send your profit dividend later.
    b. Your preferred Karma nickname.

    6. Through the NHZ block explorer, all the transaction details, like when, how much and which account bought the nhzKARM assets, can be checked later for profit dividend distribution.

    7. After 7 days from the day of this nhzKARM IPO announcement, the first weekly profit dividend will start, the first profit dividend pay-out will thus happen on the 15th of October, 2014.

    8. Along with your first pay out, a message will be sent to your NHZ wallet asking if you want to allocate:

    a. 10% of your profit for KARMA development fund
    b. 10% of your profit for Karma charity fund.

    You have all the right to choose. When you opted-in to these fund allocations, your next profit dividend will be reduced accordingly.

    9. All nhzKARM assets can be bought, sold, transferred and gifted. The NHZ wallet address of the new owners who have not sent in their KARMA wallet address should do so before the next profit dividend pay-out or their profit dividend will be forfeited for that period and added again to the next round of dividend pay-out.

    Where will the profits of nhzKARM come from?

    The collected fund from the sale of these assets will be used for mining, coins trading and NHZ coins staking. Other profit generating project will also be sought in the future, such as but not limited to online selling of tangible products. 100% profits made through these ventures will be distributed to nhzKARM asset holders, according to the percentage of the asset they have, against the total number of nhzKARM assets.

    Why is this a good way to support KARMA?

    Because this method is more profitable compared to the usual donation-calling for every KARMA development and maintenance need that comes up. It is also more secured than just sending KARMA coins to a wallet and hoping that those coins will be safe and growing. In this method, everyone will have the value of their coin in their control, they can choose to resell the assets they bought if ever they need to convert it again into another form of currency or asset.

    This will also bring the whole KARMA community in tune with the changing crypto currency landscape by making use of the emerging assets exchanges advancements. Paving the way into a more liquid KARMA economy by providing many potential users, another way to acquire KARMA.

    When the multigateway method is finally implemented into the NHZ network, it will also be a way to instantly exchange Karma into any other supported coin without going to a coin exchange.

    Is there a guarantee to the safety and profitability of my investment into this asset?

    As in any business venture, risk of loss is never totally eliminated, so it will be wise to invest only the amount that you can comfortably afford to lose.

    Why do we used NHZ network and not NXT, when it is the pioneer into this kind of Asset Exchange and NHZ is only a clone of it?

    1. It has to do with the price or affordability. As of today(OCT 01, 2014) 1 NXT coin is now 7000+ satoshis, while 1 NHZ coin is 200+ satoshis only.

    2. The NHZ developers are composed of many trustworthy people who have proven their capacity in helping out the cryptocoin communities, like James Clayton who is also one of Karma community's member. I would say with NHZ we're in good company. http://forum.nhzcrypto.org/index.php/topic,422.msg2011.html#msg2011

    3. NHZ has also proven their good promotional effort by rising in value in such a short time, while doing a fairer method of coin distribution. http://explorer.nhzcrypto.org/?page=accounts

    Is there a way to earn free NHZ coin so I can also take part in this nhzKARM asset without personal financial risk?

    Yes, in fact that is one of the best characteristic of NHZ, the developers are distributing NHZ through bounties and giveaways that they usually announce in their forum and Facebook page, why don't you try to get involved, just for fun of getting your free NHZ coins! I joined two of their promos before and I earned 151,000 NHZ in total! This free coin is enough to buy 1,510,000 nhzKARM assets already. Well, I sure hope that they are giving more free coins as big as those I joined with.


    Make an NHZforum account and check out their announcements! http://forum.nhzcrypto.org/index.php/board,15.0.html


    I have been a loyal supporter of KARMA ever since..."I have donated for different Karma related activities, even to your activities, is there any nhzKARM asset giveaway for me?"

    In fact there is a give away to all those KARMA community members who have been very generous, when it comes to supporting KARMA related promotion and funding needs.

    I even prepared a picture to prove it. All those listed below will receive the calculated amount of free nhzKARM assets indicated, provided they claim them within one week from now or those free nhzKARM assets will be forever forfeited.

    All others who are also interested for some free nhzKARM assets may tweet, share in Facebook or maybe make a MEME of this great new ASSET we can call our own. I will edit in the Facebook group for this asset later and please join us there for easier activity coordination and receive your free nhzKARM assets.

    So there you are, another Karma related project we can all take part of, voluntarily. Hopefully we can utilize this as a stepping stone into other good Karma projects.

    Good Karma to everyone.

  2. "To even the field between those that have NHZ coins and our Karma community, I would like to open this IPO to purchases using our coin, KARMA.

    Every 1000 Karma you pay will give you 10 nhzKARM assets, up until the last of 23 000 000 assets allocated for this promotional IPO is bought. Later on every 1000 Karma will only get 1 nhzKARM asset. So the early birds will easily see the value of their investment multiplied. MINIMUM PURCHASE IS 1 MILLION KARM which will give you 10 000 nhzKARM assets, this is a better option than just donating our coins for FREE to be given away and no profits to be made.

    Unlike purchasing with NHZ, that you can automatically do within the NHZ wallet itself, nhzKARM purchase with Karma will have to be handled manually.

    For anyone who would be interested to purchase, they can send their payment in this address:KHMDKQzo4tvEYAdhntcvphLgLnoLS4M8dQ and send me a message with your TX ID and NHZ wallet address. TIP, the message can be sent using NHZ wallet, send to this account NHZ-793P-2V2F-4TJS-62775

    The first dividend pay out is slated on OCT 15, 2014

    Thank you for taking an interest in this project."

  3. [quote author=easteagle13 link=topic=579973.msg9136962#msg9136962 date=1412829010]

    Thanks for all the support guys for our nhzKARM asset whose first week of dividend period started yesterday....Please always read the thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=807952.msg9056235#msg9056235 for more information on adjustments and news.

    Here is a quote that is very important not to overlook.

    ---begin quote---

    "What is nhzKARM asset?

    It is a cryptographic asset created within the NHZ Asset Exchange, directly proportional to the number of the total Karma, crypto currency of 92 Billion. With the proportion of 1000 KARMA:1 nhzKARM asset.

    It can only be acquired by exchanging your NHZ coins received as a reward for doing a bounty-eligible action/s for NHZ network including but not limited to helping to advertise NHZ. Purchasing NHZ with fiat money for the purpose of acquiring nhzKARM is totally discouraged.

    Purchase of nhzKARM assets share is limited to a maximum of 1,840,000 nhzKARM assets or equal to 2% total assets share.


    1. You can try to resell the excess back to the asset issuer account at the same purchase price you acquired those assets(asset issuer repurchasing will be based on the availability of funds and is not mandatory)
    2. Keep it in your NHZ account, because while the excess to the 2% may not earn profit dividends, asset market price may rise and you can resell the assets to the open market anytime.
    3. Send it to other NHZ accounts of your family, friends or acquaintance where those excess assets will be eligible to earn its profit dividend.

    All profit share dividends will be made using KARMA and no other."

    ---end o quote----

    Make the necessary adjustment if your NHZ wallet got more than 2% of the assets ok?..


  4. Please give me some nhzKARMA : NHZ-62NU-BBWX-WBZ4-HT9CD

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