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  1. I was going to subject this post "Integrating NXT features into NHZ" but decided against highlighting NXT too much in our forum. There is currently a lot of hype, as deserved, in anticipation to NXT's upcoming features: asset exchange (AE), quant (Satoshi equivalent), transparent forging (TF), voting, etc. In addition to current working NXT features not yet functioning with NHZ such as the alias system and messaging, should any of these features be integrated into NHZ? Have any of them already been planned to be integrated into the code?

    I think it's time we start considering and making public the technical map/vision for NHZ and the plan of action, especially in light of the upcoming release of NXT's new features (and I suspect code). Will NHZ integrate NXT features upon release of code? How about outsource development of scientific computational capabilities (I'm all for this but know it takes funds)? Unfortunately, I am not a developer so cannot make too much sense of the code but can offer other support, marketing, communication, etc. Data show that stakeholders (accounts) are growing. We don't need to rush technical development, but we should start a conversation about the vision. And if the devs have already penciled this out, I'd love to know more of the details (or at least be reminded).? :D
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    We will test the NXT release later today and discuss how to proceed then. Thanks for opening this thread, we'll keep all of you updated here!
  3. Alias system seams running well.
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    As far as I can tell, messages do too. ;)
  5. Ok, great. I have not yet had an opportunity to use those functions on the NHZ client (although I recently registered 300+ aliases on the NXT block chain!)

    I look forward to growing with NHZ as its unique functions evolve.? ;)
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    Well, yesterday evening didn't work out - let's see what we can achieve over the weekend.

    Aliases work, but we got one small problem to solve before we can add them to the gui.
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    Oh, yeah, we had a thread for this :D
    • NQT @ block 65k
    • AE @ block 70k
  8. So, I read the following quote on the NXT thread discussing a bug that occurred a few hour ago (still not sure what really happened but appears to be a tx from an account without enough funds - funds were sent to the account with "insufficient funds" and the blockchain regained momentum):

    This got me thinking...

    Since NHZ has a larger/stronger network atm, would it be possible to beat NXT to the post re: transparent forging. Could NHZ devs develop and implement TF before nxt?

    NHZ still may not have a secure/well distributed enough network but talk about a great marketing strategy! LOL

    Edit: I must admit that if you asked me to define TF, I would not give you a very clear answer so please do not hold me to the technical side...can someone expound more on the value of TF?
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