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Discussion in 'Forging Pools' started by scarecrow, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. NickLight ( NHZ-N8NY-2WM4-VVGR-AZLNK )


    If this was meant to be leased please message me and i will send back, the pool script doesn't count deposits only leased amounts.
  2. Please use account NHZ-JNLH-JVAY-55EZ-EHFZ6 for new accounts Shellpool is starting to reach 42% of forged blocks over last 7 days.
  3. can u explain how to leasing? im new in this sistem wallet.. thanks..? :'(
    im forging using my own wallet under nxt ID ...
  4. Pharesim Administrator

    Click on your balance on the dashboard, in the upcoming modal there's a tab to lease your balance.

    Someone could create a small tutorial for this!
  5. after registration success show :
    Your balance will be leased out in 1440 block..

    am i right?
  6. Pharesim Administrator

    Yes, your lease will take effect soon. You can check the current state at the same place where you set it.
  7. sooooooooo, i sent 228'282.51232642NHZ, i will be waiting to see how it goes, when do i get my NHZ back?
  8. sooooooooo, i just noticed i sent my NHZ to pool 2 instead of pool 1. Is there a way you can send it back so i can send it to pool 1?
  9. Pharesim Administrator

    Oh noes! You shouldn't send your coins, leasing is done in the popup when you click on "more info" below your balance on the dashboard.

    We really need a tutorial with screenshots for this!

    P.S.: please don't use pool 1 any more! There's too much forging power bundled there already.
  10. How do i get my NHZ back though? I have LEASED, [​IMG]

    I just want to know what process i will have to go through to get my NHZ back
  11. Pharesim Administrator

    Ah, good, everything ok then - you still control your coins, only the forging power is leased. You can't revoke that though.

    You could send all coins to another account and lease from there if you insist on using pool 1. But please don't? :p
  12. Ok cool, so i fully control everything apart from the leasing power of my wallet.
  13. Payouts on pool 1 are suspended for a bit until i workout a glitch in script. will update asap.
    Pool 2 is still working fine

    Edit: Fixed
  14. Sun

    Small tutorial in russian:

  15. Tutorial in english:

  16. Can you update the github with the new script please. Seems like after its been running awhile the pool stops working...at least for mine it has stop paying out
  17. Pizpie

    Pizpie NHZ Managing Director Administrator

    I posted in the dev chat for someone to post or get back to you regarding this...
  18. i did the fix for that a few weeks ago and added fork detection but my pull request hasn't been merged to main repo the fixes are here https://github.com/scarecrow87/nhzpool, you will need a second node in config or use api.nhzcrypto.org:7776 but will be a lot slower.

    original script was sometimes paying invalid blocks, it would crash if it detected it was invaild

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