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  1. Interesting offer. A few off the top of my head if the data are available:
    1. Even though SBS node bounty payouts are listed in the block explorer, I would like to visualize total payouts by week since launch;
    2. A graph that illustrates the number of years to distribute total SBS bounties given maybe 3-5 variation of total nodes (i.e. 200 nodes takes x years, 500 nodes takes x years, 7000 nodes takes x years, etc) - I could also help with this one, but not until two weeks time from now;
    3. Possibly where nodes are located (by continent or country) - if not considered compromising privacy;
    4. Maybe a pie chart showing other bounty payouts by category (marketing, development, etc).
    Great idea carebeer, thanks!
  2. Howdy, thx for the input, very good ideas. What is you account number? will send some bounty for the ideas..
  4. Thanks for the bounty! Once my day job settles, I hope to tinker with available data and come up with something useful.

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