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  1. This app is not compatible to the latest NHZ version! ollibertinho is working on an update!

    I´m proud to present NHZ for Android:

    • Manage your account
    • Create new accounts
    • List transactions
    • Sent NHZ
    • Built in Address book
    • Check and register aliases
    • Transaction notification
    • Built in QR Code Generator / Reader

    Currently two nodes are preconfigured. You can add your own nodes the API (Port 7776) must be accessible for this to work. (Set nhz.allowedBotHosts=*? and nhz.apiServerHost= in NHZ Config)

    Consider donating some NHZ if you like it. My Account: 12930652463845167717

    Download here
    Mirror (Mega)

    Github Repo
  2. That's very cool. :cool:
    I will try it tomorrow.
  3. Pharesim Administrator

    download doesn't work for me right now - can you send the file to my email ([email protected])? got it. I'll try it out and put it on our official downloads server then
  4. cbkr Administrator

    Wow, I'm impressed! Could you open source it so we can see that it's safe? :D
  5. Pharesim Administrator

    I cannot send coins (it returns success, but nothing else happens), and the camera is distorted/broken when i try to scan qr codes (phone camera usually works, also in google goggles)
    Account management seems to work fine.

    Great work already!

    +1 for source code ;)
  6. Pharesim Administrator

    I opened the api on the block explorer server -
  7. I uploaded a new version.

    Sending NHZ works now. QR codes should also work (I tried on 3 devices).

    The new node is integrated too.
  8. hey!
    i cannot send coins with the current version 0.1.1 under android 4.2.2.
    same behavior like pharesim wrote.
    it says success, but nothing else happened.
  9. tried install. but when i send my coins, i dont revived

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