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  1. hallo pharesim , I have finished the translation gui malaysia, I have not received the pay, please check, thanks before :)
  2. Dss

  3. Dss

  4. Xiz

    Croatian translation done

    I did find some errors in the original English version:
    Line 164 - seems to be missing the word "Asset" or a similar phrase
    Line 467 - contains "enteer" instead of enter
    Line 446 - contains "found it" instead of fund it


    Should you find my efforts worth the 200k bounty, my Address is: NHZ-FPM7-WQ99-JNP6-5MQS2
  5. Xiz

    You mentioned some giveaways starting on the 1st.

    How about translation bounty giveaway :D
  6. Hi Pharesim! I hope to get the money promised to Bulgarian translation .
    Regards !!!

  7. Xiz

    I believe we'll be waiting a while longer wizard05 :)
  8. Pharesim Administrator

    Hey everyone,

    sorry for letting you wait, I'm on holidays :p
    I'm sending out the missing payments now, this bounty is halted for now as we're not yet sure how we will proceed with the translations. You may know that nxt went another path, and we need to check which one suits us better.
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