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10.000.000 NHZ

More NHZ will be added during the next days

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Why we are selling coins.

There's no classical IPO for NeXT Horizon, but because of multiple requests we have decided to provide the possibility to buy some NHZ for Bitcoins. The funds collected this way will be used transparenty for infrastructural expenses during the distribution phase. What happens with eventual remains after all NHZ have been distributed will be decided by the community.

Get your client

You can download the official NHZ client at github or on our website


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Form help

Enter your NHZ account id and how many NHZ you want to buy. The amount of Bitcoin you will need to pay is updated automatically.

More Information

After clicking on "Continue" you will get a unique BTC Address where you'll have to send your payment to. If you send less, the amount of NHZ you receive will be adjusted accordingly. If you send more, we consider the surplus amount to be a donation :)