You can buy NHZ assets for NXT on the NXT Asset Exchange.
As a registered user on the gateway send those assets to the issuing NXT account (17786761203354965333, NXT-S7CP-4FZC-5T8B-H7UPF) to receive your NHZ to the account saved in your settings.
It is possible to have the NHZ sent to another address, or even buy without registering here. When you transfer an asset, you can add a comment. Enter your numeric NHZ account ID - and nothing else - to have the NHZ sent to that address.

We wait 5 confirmations before we send the NHZ.

Sell NHZ

To sell NHZ you need to register. Send them to your unique deposit address to get assets sent to your specified NXT account.

It takes 5 confirmations until we send out your assets.


The fee for each deposit and withdrawal is 0.25%, rounded up to the next full NHZ. We may adjust it any time.


You can trade the asset on the NXT asset exchange. Additional fees in NXT (1 per ask/bid) will have to be paid there. You can get some free NXT at
Be sure to trade the correct asset!
Account: 17786761203354965333 (NXT-S7CP-4FZC-5T8B-H7UPF)
Asset Id: 3733170523104676119

The Asset issuer will never sell assets!


Although we did our best to secure the servers this gateway is running on, we would advise you to withdraw your NHZ as soon as you bought them.
We don't guarantee for anything, and if something goes wrong we probably won't compensate you. You have been warned!