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  1. If anyone received any small payment to your doge wallet, it was just a test. We usually send out small amounts in order to save your address!
  2. WEEK 5 dividends are paid! We ended the week with 220,610 doge profits and accumulated NHZ profit sharing is at 56,153. Profit sharing will be paid out when it reaches 100k NHZ. Doge bonus for the week was 1200.

    In order to stay ahead and keep up with changes and maybe future regulations, NHZDoge will NO LONGER PAY DIVIDENDS!! So that we are not considered a hedge fund or something similar. We offer incentives, bonuses, and profit sharing. What does this mean for asset holders? Nothing much! Your asset % gets you an incentive, profit sharing, and doge bonuses as always. WOW, MUCH, MORE PROFITS soon to come. WEEK 5 is history, tomorrow is a mystery, as for today; WEEK 6 has just begun.
  3. Sun

    Ok. Dividend received. Thanks a lot!
  4. If I bought nhzdoge where and when will I receive dividends? And how do I get Dogeblack coin?
  5. Incentives and bonuses are sent accordingly! What is your doge account to send you incentives and bonuses? Do you use facebook multicoin app? Or you can post your doge addresses here!
  6. Do you have dogeb and doged account?
  7. That is, if I have on my NHZ account "nhzdoge" and I want to receive dividends I send my address doge to "NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4" with this account. It implemented binding my NHZ account and my DOGE address. And dividends from nhzdoge saved on my NHZ account will be sent to the bounded Doge address ???

    How to change the bounded address Doge?

    What will happen if I move my nhzdoge on the other NHZ account?
  8. Sorry... Whath is dogeb and doged account?
  9. Please confirm that you have my DOGE address. My NHZ account ends with GAK6B (numerical 78311), and the DOGE address ends with ZvCL9.

  10. A week ago I purchased a 100,000 NHZDoge. I sent a message to the NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4 with my DOGE Wallet
    Nor any dividends on my DOGE wallet... :( And how do I get the promised Dogeblack coin?
  11. I'm in, this one looks promising.
  12. We are looking into it and will resolve issue ASAP. You can also find us at www.facebok.com/nhzdoge for faster communication.
  13. I'm not on Facebook, that's why I'm writing here.
  14. Sorry guys, but I do not like facebook. But if you want, I can register an account there.

    Today I seem receive the first payment in doge. Thats means everything is OK. I'm happy.
    NHZDoge is a very good investment! Big thanks to the guys who created them!

    All the same, of course, I would like to receive dogeblack and dogedakr bonuses. If they remained of course. If so, there is enough to get it if I send dogedark and dogeblack waletts the same address nhz?
  15. post your db and dd addresses here is great!
  16. @cashtronx Are you the asset issuer of MJ420?
  17. My DOGEB: 19dyc7oxE2Es3pwNFC2xHMuVhxALV1VBJ
  18. Hey I'm trying out NHZDoge as my first HZ asset (50000 shares)! I wrote a message in the AE wallet, as well as sent a message to NHZDoge on Facebook and a PM on this forum, but have not received a reply yet.

    Here is my information again:
    HZ ID: NHZ-686Z-GWWD-CE2K-56X5J

    Please let me know if you get this!

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