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  1. NHZDoge
    Asset ID: 17671628090540858719

    There is going to be 3 phases of asset distribution.
    Phase 1 is the 5:1 IPO, that should go pretty fast once marketing starts.
    Phase 2 will be the giveaway of the 5mil. We haven't decide if it will be 10K shares to 500 or 1k shares to 5000. That is still to be determined.
    Then phase 3 will be the 1:1 ratio
    Before IPO of assets we were earning 8000 Doge daily. As assets are sold, the daily doge profit will double maybe triple or quadruple.
    NHZDoge will pay daily dividends weekly to your doge account.

    Please Email us through the NHZ Wallet and your address you hold asset in with your Doge Wallet address.

    For more info or to reach us faster:
  2. Neat idea. How do you determine doge profit and payout per asset each week? Much thanks!
  3. NHZDoge profits are paid 100% to asset holders.? Inside the asset exchange, it shows the % of how much a member holds.? There is a shareholder group for those who have the asset.? Weekly payments are divided proportionately based on doge profits that week.? For instance if you hold 2% of NHZDoge shares and the profit for the week was 100,000 doge then you would get 2000 doge sent to your doge account.
  4. Thanks. Look forward to seeing how this progresses.
  5. Very excited about this project for sure! Keep up the good work!
  6. Message sent with Doge address. Thanks.
  7. Can someone please explain to me how does it works?
  8. You buy shares of NHZDoge on the AE and then send ur DOGE address to NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4. Dividends are paid every Sunday
  9. The profit (Doge) payments are made manually or there is a script?
  10. Should i send my DOGE adress to? NHZ-5H2X-S3JN-WNAR-5Y8UU?
  11. I believe there is a script, theres far too many shares to be done manually I would think and no the address you should send your DOGE address to is NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4.
  12. When is the first dividend?
  13. First dividends have been paid!? Second dividends are finishing up!? We are on the third week of dividends!? We have also included profit sharing!? Profit sharing pays all asset share holders 50% of profits from the sale of assets throughout Phase 1 of distribution! All asset holders please send your doge address to NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4!? Everything is done manually for now and might contiue to be done in this manner.?
  14. I sent my Doge address via AM (NHZ wallet) awhile back and still no Doge in me wallet.? :(

    Can you check my account?

    NHZ: Breasal

    Doge: DFiDnHVy7J4SF3wByGj6kcVdWdf1TZJkii
  15. I also sent you msg via NHZ: my doge address, DU32PJgBRMZKBoyDjYHk1Ft6nEGd1nsXoc

    Can you please confirm.

    Thanks :)
  16. All good, Got some dividends in my doge wallet.? :D
  17. Hey Crypt, you should be paid out already!? Breasal, what is your last five of your nhz id, are you 8T2LS?
  18. Sun

    I just sent you NHZ-message.

    My DOGE: DMgLh23cAWMjDE7h1dZqESouKE7hFHzaB4

    Thanks a lot!
  19. Week 4 turned out 193,543 profits in DOGE. All dividends should be paid out! If you had assets for WEEK 4 and have not received, let us know!!
  20. As ‪#‎NHZ‬ continues to rise and fall, rise and fall from pumpers and dumpers, ‪#‎NHZDoge‬ will always be a great asset to invest your NHZ in. Not only do you get a great asset with real value, weekly dividends, and bonuses, you get a great investment that you can always earn more NHZ from in the future. We are giving away 5,000,000 NHZDoge total, via https://counterwallet.io and btc/xcp to place your first trade. Also here on NHZ Asset Exchange, we are giving away ‪#‎Dogeblackcoin‬! For every 100 NHZDoge (asset id: 17671628090540858719) purchased from NHZDoge(NHZ-Q88F-W3KT-7LEY-E66V4)
    only , you get 1Dogeblack coin.We have 50,000 dogeblackcoin to give away! After all these promo shares are sold, 1 shareholder will get 1LTC. WOW MUCH profit and SUCH profit sharing! "We are easily imitated, and hardly duplicated! "To infinity and beyond! While shooting for the moon, we are reaching for the stars"!

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