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NHZ V3.2

Discussion in 'News And Announcements' started by Pharesim, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Pharesim Administrator

    We're happy to be able to announce the release of NHZ V3.2

    New features at this release:
    • based on NXT 1.1.6
    • encrypted messages (check remember password at login to read them)
    • localized GUI (en, de, zh so far - bounties for more!)
    • a thin client which uses public nodes (default: http://api.nhzcrypto.org:7776 - transactions get signed on the client so the passphrase doesn't leave your browser)
    • a slightly modified api release to run your own public node

    And of course the web wallet is fully functional again :)

    Hallmarked nodes don't need to upgrade to keep getting bounties.

  2. Sun

    Client successfully updated! Very good job, Dev! Especially this:
  3. great work devs, but which language is zh (chinese?)
  4. Pharesim Administrator

  5. Pharesim Administrator

    The creation of aliases was broken in the GUI, released a new minor version to fix it
  6. When is the new version due to release :) ?
  7. i am getting the error "The requested page could not be found."
  8. Pizpie

    Pizpie NHZ Managing Director Administrator

    New version will be released when were done testing it to clean up any bugs.

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