[HZ Mint] - New Asset on Horizon Asset Exchange (ROI in ~20 weeks)

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  1. UPDATE: Currently raised funds for the equivalent of ~16.3 mhs

    I've since made a deal with the hashpower provider allowing me the same cost per mhs for hashpower, regardless of how much I initially put down, thus meaning I no longer have limitation on minimum amount of hashpower to purchase.

    As such, I won't need to wait to raise a minimum amount and will officially begin sending out profit payouts every Monday beginning 12/8/2014. Hashpower will be officially purchased on 12/1/2014 with whatever funds we have at that time.
  2. This is great news :) Looking forward.
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  3. This is a Great Idea I will help get the word out and I will pick a few of these up in the next few days
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  4. For the public's transparency, our first BTC investor has invested 0.5 BTC into HZmint for shares.

    For being our first BTC investor, as well as donating funds equal to 40% of raised funds thus far, as well as allowing us to get a better hashpower cost for a larger bulk buy, as well as saving me exchange fees, I've priced him at 60 HZ per share (same as current share offering on HZ AE), but I've priced his HZ/BTC conversion price at 60 satoshi rather than current market price of 64 satoshi. I feel this 6.7% discount is reasonable and well deserved. NOTE: It was stated in OP that slight discounts will be given to BTC investors, especially when the amount is such a high single investment.

    (0.5 BTC = 833,333 HZ @ 60 sat per HZ, = ~13,900 HZmint shares)

    Public shareholder list updated to distinguish BTC investors from HZ investors. Highlighted shareholder accounts are BTC investors, and price/share conversion details will be recorded as well for public's information.
  5. UPDATE: The same BTC investor has invested another 0.5 BTC. Awesome!

    Share conversion this time:

    0.5 BTC @ 62 satoshi per HZ, 60 HZ per share.

    This equals a value of 806k HZ, equaling 13,450 shares of HZmint. Shares have been transferred and BTC received. A second note has been made next to the appropriate account ID in the public spreadsheet for transparency purposes.

    In total this boosts our hashrate to around 75 mhs or a bit more. Will contact hashpower provider soon to purchase.
  6. UPDATE: Mining payouts are coming in early this week, so I am having a one-time "Early Adopter" promotional payout for all shares on 12/4 Thursday (1-4PM EST). Regular weekly payouts will be moved up to Sunday starting 12/7.

    If you're thinking about getting in, now is the time! :)
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  7. Great News
    Congratz so far.
  8. Early adopter payout received!
    Great Work & Asset ;)
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  9. @CryptBay Beat me to it :p

    Early Adopter payouts sent! 1.2 HZ was given per share owned, total 51,652 HZmint shares and 61,982.4 HZ as payouts.

    Expect regular payouts this Sunday around the same time :)

  10. First official regular payout has been sent! Total payout profit this week was over 177,000 HZ!
    With 55,417 HZmint publicly held, this equates to an average 3.195 HZ distributed per share for the week.

    Payouts: http://i.imgur.com/BkHbsL9.png
    Public Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cOXdcb2BHxryGEI6pSyiEW6HI3MB6kVf8f0jf3pPXFk/edit?usp=sharing

    Please let me know if you are a shareholder but did not receive any payouts, or if you think there is an error with the amount you were rewarded. Thanks guys!
  11. Received my payouts - thanks Vagabondz for doing a stand-up job so far!
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  12. Starting this weekend, I will try using the Dividends+ Services ported from NXT. Should speed up payouts and calculations as well as make things more accurate/precise.

    If this works, then I will no longer be posting screenshots of payouts, as they are getting a bit lengthy now. Instead, I will post the Dividends+ calculation and individual payout shares.

    As always, let me know if there's any issues or discrepancies and I'll try to address them asap :)

    Please do help spread the word about HZmint and get some interest and awareness of the asset going. It will really help us out a lot. Thanks :)
  13. Payouts have been sent via Dividends+. Let me know if anyone didn't get a payment. Seems the numbers it calculated added up, so I assume it did everything correctly.

    Our overall BTC profit this week was higher than last week, but due to HZ's price increasing by 13%, the actual HZ quantity is a bit low. 167,874.7 HZ was split between 64,183 shares, amounting to 2.615 HZ per share. This is slightly below the expected ~3 HZ due to the price change mentioned previous, and due to some HZ funds not being converted into hashpower yet.

    Overall, seems that HZ market is looking a lot better The remainder funds will be converted into hashpower for next week, and we should see the payout numbers come back up.

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