[HZ Mint] - New Asset on Horizon Asset Exchange (ROI in ~20 weeks)

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  1. UPDATE: Weekly payouts will be sent every Monday Sunday, officially beginning on Dec. 8, 2014 Dec. 7, 2014.
    *Bonus "Early Adopter" Payout (12/4) for All Shareholders*
    Asset ID: 3824289991269369814


    Public Payout and Shareholder Address Spreadsheet (updated 12/10

    For any potential investors wishing to participate using BTC, please contact me for share-conversion and exchange discount rates (variable with HZ market)


    250,000 HZmint shares @ 60 HZ each
    = 15,000,000 HZ total

    Total Shares: 15,000,000
    *future shares issued only when amount can be backed by BTC income*

    Weekly profit payouts in HZ (estimated 4%-6% ROI per week)

    Due to the overwhelming amount of people who would rather use HZ Asset Exchange to invest using HZ, and the fact that potential BTC investors do not want HZ payouts, I've decided to cancel the initial BTC Pre-sale. Please let me know if anyone would actually prefer BTC.

    The ultimate goal of HZ Mint is to provide a stable, reliable weekly payout of HZ, the value of which would provide holders with a return on investment. Eventually we would like to grow our mining operation to such a scale that we would be able to add in huge volume and liquidity to the HZ market as we make buy orders to acquire HZ for profit payouts. This would help increase interest in, and boost prices of HZ on exchanges, thus benefiting both HZ investors, as well as HZ Mint holders. HZ Mint plans to work closely with the HZ team and community in order to play a major part in growing HZ in terms of both market cap and interest.

    First round sale will be 250,000 HZmint @ 60 HZ each, totaling 15,000,000 HZ raised. Approximately 50% of the raised funds will be slowly liquidated to raise funds for purchasing and maintaining mining hashpower. Weekly payouts will begin 1 week following a successful sale. A successful sale does not mean all share selling out. It simply represents a time when we have raised sufficient funding, and successfully purchased mining hashpower.

    Issued shares are non-equity crowdsales, but do pay out profits on a weekly basis in units of HZ (Horizon). Holders of HZ Mint can expect a weekly profit payout equivalent to approximately 4%-6% of initial investment (variable with weekly BTC income, and other external factors). Thus, this gives an estimated return on investment (ROI) of between 17 to 25 weeks. NON-ISSUED SHARES WILL NOT TAKE PART IN PROFIT PAYOUTS.

    Disclaimer: While ROI is likely, HZ Mint cannot make any guarantees that investors will turn a profit or reach full ROI, but we will be as transparent and proactive as possible in regards to investor payouts. HZ Mint takes no responsibility for unexpected decreases in profitability, payout delays caused by forces outside our control, nor other issues that may occur due to technical, non-human error. As always, do your own research on crypto-currency and mining to determine if this is the investment for you.
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  2. Pizpie

    Pizpie NHZ Business Director Administrator

    Thanks for using Horizon to host your asset. Let's work together to make this a success. I'll get the word out.
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  3. This looks interesting :) I like that you included the "disclaimer Notice (Sign of Good Practice)"
    Looking forward purchasing some HZMint:)
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  4. Always gotta include disclaimers, never know what'll happen :p

    Of course any major decreases in profitability is pretty unlikely, but anything could happen in cryptos lol
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  5. @Vagabondz Very true indeed, Hoping only for uptrend profits ;)
  6. watching, I prefer to buy direct from HZ AE rather than BTC presale, let's see how it's going
  7. @adam79 it's a recurring concern among everyone. Unfortunately the hashpower provider only accepts payment in BTC, so raising HZ wouldn't be of much use as I would need to sell it on the market for BTC (thus lowering HZ price as well as losing funding money due to exchange fees and price slippage).

    This pre-sale will be the only round of BTC funding. After this, future issues will be done solely through HZ AE, as by that time the mining hashpower will be self-sustained.
  8. Thinking a better strategy would be to issue a small portion of shares through HZ AE and show proof of concept/payout for a few weeks. Then attempt the larger BTC raise afterwards if there is sufficient interest. This would mean a slower start however, though weekly payouts should still be on par with the expected numbers, reinvesment will be quite slow to start off, and market sells of HZ may be needed at times (the orders will be spread so as to not cause a 1-time major dump).

    BTC Pre-sale round removed and postponed for a later round when upgrading hashpower.

    First round of 250,000 HZmint @ 60 HZ issued on the Asset Exchange.

    Weekly payouts commence once we've raised sufficient funding (estimated around 50% sold, though may be earlier). Investors can expect between 2.4-3.6 HZ paid per share, per week at current HZ prices and mining rates.


    edit: a public profit projection table is also up as a Google spreadsheet. Note that a few numbers are variable on a daily basis, such as BTC price, and HZ price.
  10. I think this is the best solution for HZmint (for now) on the HZ A.E.
    I guess if all goes well, people will be more comfortable getting on board with BTC crowd funding in the future.
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  11. Cool, got a very generous first contributor of 120,000 HZ equal to 2,000 HZmint shares.

    thanks red5standingby if you're out there :)
  12. Just purchased 2,500 shares :p
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  13. Much thanks :)

    Just as an update, current funds raised would total 270,000 HZ, which is put towards the equivalent of ~9 mhs at current rates and conditions.
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  14. Realized the funds include some change I had on Poloniex lol (~0.08 BTC) So that'll just be freebies for the fund.
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  15. This asset needs more traffic & awareness, have you considered creating a bitcointalk thread?
  16. Oh ok , didn't know.
  17. Unfortunately, asset ANN don't belong in the Altcoin subforum, which is where most of the traffic is.

    Instead, had to post in the altcoin marketplace, which people don't look at nearly as often.
  18. In the contrary, look at HZ- Sphere asset (was posted on ANN section).
    People tend to debate whether assets should (technically) be posted there or not.

    * At the end of the day it shouldn't really matter
  19. Hmm that's weird. Mine got moved from the Altcoin ANN sub to the Marketplace by a mod :/

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