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    When we first came on board, we laid our our development plans and our identities to the public so we could begin to build a trusting relationship with the entire community.

    Nothing has changed since we first made our first announcement. We are on the forefront of creating new and revolutionary technologies, and to do it right, takes time. After releasing V 1.2.8 parity (Which is required to be listed on other exchanges, other than Poloniex) we are focusing development on three key technologies:Trust & Reputation systems, service marketplaces and distributed computation services. We are also working on deploying a re-vamp of the current wallet UI, landing page which will enable users to access the Horizon wallet much easier and will be issuing a couple work bounties for a couple other Horizon related developments.

    All of this development is aimed at creating a robust, easy to use, and trusted platform which developers, individuals, and businesses can utilize to their own needs. Some examples being: issuing of assets, listing of services, or crowd funding using the Horizon AE.
    Providing blockchain based services that are in demand for everyday use by individuals, and businesses is one of the primary goals for Horizon.

    Horizon focuses on maintaining a long and fair distribution period using node reward bounties, community giveaways, and work / development bounties. You can contact myself, or any member of the Horizon team any time if you have a question or concern, or are interested in joining out development team.

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