dividends / list of all owners of asset at timestamp / multigateway.org porting?

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  1. One question in three versions:

    • How to pay dividends?
    • How to get a list of the NHZ addresses of all owners of an asset X at timestamp Y?
    • Is the multigateway.org extension being ported to NHZ any time soon?

    I had started my question here already: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NxtHorizonCrypto/permalink/771583006239457/? but we couldn't find a solution yet.

    My problem (1) there is solved if there is already an initiative to port to NHZ the multigateway.org "Nxt Services Plugin BETA v1.4.5 Extension"? because that has a dividend function: https://nxtforum.org/nxtservices-releases/dividends-release/? and here you can see an exact example of what I would need: https://nxtforum.org/nxtservices-releases/dividends-release/msg86360/#msg86360

    If not, or only in the far future, then perhaps there are other solutions for this question:
    How can I get a list of all owners (NHZ addresses) of a certain asset, and their amounts, at a certain time?

    I can get all trades:? From there, the "askOrder" and "bidOrder" would have to be followed, to find the old and new owner.? But e.g. (last ask order in that table) results in {"errorCode":5,"errorDescription":"Unknown order"}? I don't get it ... yet. Do past orders disappear?

    And moreover, if there had been 'transfer's of assets, they would not come up as trades, probably.

    To me a complete list of all NHZ addresses holding a certain asset, and their amounts ... sounds a block explorer API task.

    Any help welcome!

    Thanks for NHZ !

    If you want to support me & my work:?
    NHZ-PZTY-4YZN-AW86-B6DVZ? -Thanks​
  2. Pharesim Administrator

    Generally: we do not have plans to port extensions ourselves. It's not difficult though, anybody who knows how to use the replace function of his editor can do it ;)

    I had the same problem when I wanted to calculate the balances in the block explorer, it really seems like filled orders disappear. Maybe this has been changed with 1.2, silverNxt will need to check that issue.

    So to my knowledge it's only possible to get current balances using the getAccount call for all accounts. I can add this to the block explorer API for now.
  3. doesn't work at the moment....
    see https://nxtforum.org/asset-exchange-general/shareholder-asset-distribution/

    NXTServices from jl777 does support this kind of listing

    perhaps it could be ported...including divident+ for shareholder divident payouts
  4. Jerical13 Moderator

    Would love to see this happen. :)
  5. That would be amazing. Keep me in the loop when that happens. Thanks.
  6. On FB, a possible bounty was mentioned. Are there NHZ funds available which are dedicated to porting stuff to NHZ?? Could speed up the process.

    Perhaps start by compiling a list of wishes 'what to port', and sort it by priority, then assign bounties to that? Just an idea...
  7. Pharesim Administrator

    All undistributed funds can be used for bounties - everything which is useful in any way is welcome and can be rewarded!
  8. i had started to try port NXT services dividends+ but haven't had time to finish, so far only have interface in nhz.
  9. Goood. Perhaps a concrete bounty offer would help you to finish it?? Or someone else could take it from where you started, and you share the bounty with him/her/them ?

    Cool. Sounds good.

    I suggest you name a bounty number,
    and put the idea "who ports multigateway to NHZ gets _______ NHZ" into your list of bounties.

    Where is that list, anyway?
  10. i'll put it up on github when i can, i got part of it working but wouldn't send dividends (only calculate) and didn't test what happens when assets change accounts, i've pretty much just used replace in text editor to change all nxt to nhz and added extra code to index.html, i havent looked any closer then that.
  11. Pharesim Administrator

    As our gateway software is unique, it would of course need to be adapted to it.
    But again, I don't like external services in the client and don't think it's needed. Polishing the AE interface would be much better.

    Dividends+ can probably be ported pretty easy because it doesn't need an external server.
  12. I also would love to see it. I was making an asset today but didn't see a way to pay out dividends through the asset controller. Then I saw this thread
  13. dividents+? needs asset holder list which can only be
    accessed by nxtservices at the moment cause there is no API function for getting asset holders

    -> works now...see last post
  14. dividends+ doesn't use nxtservices any were I can see. I have it in the ui, calculating asset holders and there dividends just haven't got it to send. But I think thats got to do with changes in nxt ui that are not in nhz. I also haven't tested what happens when asset is transferred to another holder.
  15. i try? to upload a version later...
  16. ok got it working

    please buy some NVA assets (NO-VALUE-ASSET) (0.1NHZ/piece).....buying one is enough

    i will do some test dividend payouts later

    asset id: 14524494726253439285

    you can download software in attachment ..copy it to your NHZ folder...overwritting index html!

    edit: fixed the genesis timestamp

    + we tested it and it works....

    still have to check if assets are resold that it takes the "snapshot" with the right timestamp
  17. I'll have a go at it when I get to work in the morning I knew it would be something simple. I just hadn't had time to have a good look.

  18. Just bought 2 to help
  19. Also bought two to help out! Thanks!

  20. Yeah thats exactly were i had it does everything, i also tested when assets are transferred and that works. but doesnt send,

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
    Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function nsv.dividends.js:734

    Line 734 is: var accountId = NRS.getAccountId(secret);

    i do have a python script that i made using the api calls nsv.dividends.js makes, but havent finished it, atm it just gets all the data, i havent made it do anything else yet.

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