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    NHZ has "business for profit" opportunities for server operators who wish to run gateway servers to provide access to the NHZ network for other crypto currencies. Basically, the gateway feature to the NHZ platform is a holding account that allows coins such as Bitcoin to be imported and exchanged on the NHZ blockchain. This is a non-technical description of how it works.

    A Bitcoin user lists his Bitcoin address and his NHZ address with the gateway. Once he has given this information, he can send Bitcoins from his Bitcoin wallet to the gateway. The gatway holds his Bitcoins and generates Bitcoin Tokens that are sent to his NHZ wallet. These tokens can then be exchanged on the NHZ network through the decentralized Asset Exchange, or by transactions between NHZ users (payments, tipping). When he so decides he wants to have his Bitcoins in his Bitcoin wallet, he sends the Bitcoin tokens to the gateway, and the gateway releases his Bitcoins back to his Bitcoin wallet. So in a nutshell the gateway is a storage wallet. The gateway operator charges fees for these transactions.

    As a security measure NHZ gateways offer a multi-party system of accountability . Gateway operators can set up gateways as multi-signature (multi-sig) accounts. This security feature requires a minimum of two parties to approve access to the account. This means no one person can access the account without the others knowledge and approval.

    To run a gateway you need 2 servers (one for web, the other(s) for the wallets). For additional security and further decentralization you can set it up with multisig wallets.

    Gateway operators can set a fee to take from every deposit and withdrawal.

    If you are interested or for more Technical info, contact an administrator.
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  3. Is this the same thing as running a node? Thanks.
  4. Pharesim Administrator

    No, it needs more to run a gateway
    - NHZ node
    - 2x the wallet of the coin you offer
    - a webserver
  5. Like to be a server operator though, looking for more info.
  6. Will MWG be supported also in NHZ? like this one
  7. I am interested. How do I set everything up? I have several servers available.
  8. I would also be interested in becoming a server operator!
  9. I'm also interested in being server operator
  10. I'm interested as well
  11. Interested in GRS / HZ gateway. Is there a detailed information, what resources are needed and what settings need to perform?
  12. I interested in becoming Server Operator as well we have access to many servers.

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