[Bounty] Stakeholder Bounty

Discussion in 'Bounties And Give-Aways' started by Pharesim, Jun 11, 2014.


Should stakeholders get a bounty for keeping their coins?

This poll will close on Feb 7, 2106 at 6:28 AM.
  1. Yes, there should be an incentive to keep NHZ

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  2. I don\'t care

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  3. No way, interest is a work of the devil

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  1. Pharesim Administrator

    seek4dream proposed a kind of interest for stakeholders on Bitcointalk

    We like the idea and think about introducing an interest rate of 10%/year paid out daily. What do you think about it?
  2. Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    Yes, this makes NHZ more interesting and valuable? :D
  3. Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    Sounds good...? it allows for some decent Marketing as well!? ;)
  4. Sun

    Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    Yea, good idea and good interest rate.
  5. Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    Good idea!
  6. Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    Can't think of a reason why not.? :p
  7. Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    Seems you guys are quite positive towards my proposal.
    I have been keeping buying more NHZ.? :D
  8. Pharesim Administrator

    Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    The result is pretty clear (who would've thought :D)
    We will introduce interest payments over the weekend.
  9. Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    Will this include NHZ held on the Nxt AE? I've been doing arbitrage between the AE and Poloniex, and right now I have a few tens of thousands of NHZ on the AE. Will I get interest on that as well? Thanks!
  10. Pharesim Administrator

    Re: [Discussion] Stakeholder Bounty

    No, interest will only be paid for NHZ you keep on your account. We won't check how many assets everyone has.
  11. Pharesim Administrator

    The stakeholder bounty script is now running for the first time.
    It reads all balances b, and pays out (b*0.1)/365 NHZ every day.

    Payouts are delayed one minute to spread the fees over multiple blocks.
    Amounts <1 NHZ are not paid out. You have to hold at least 3650 NHZ to be eligible.
  12. I understand it right, the account? must not be open to receive the bounty?
  13. Pharesim Administrator

    No, it's an external script and in no way comparable to PoS interest in other coins (except that the balance rises over time :D).
  14. This is great. Thanks dev-team.
  15. Haven't received any stakeholder bounty today, you should check your script.
  16. Pharesim Administrator

    Thank you!
  17. Sun

    Thank you Pharesim, for the stakeholder bounty. I am receiving bounty coins every day and I am happy. It is time to buying more. :)

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