Address Node Bounty run out of balance

Discussion in 'Bounties And Give-Aways' started by tuanvie, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. whether the node bounty has been completed?
    I see the usual balance pay bounty run balance >> NHZ-ABZN-R8PY-PP5C-F25WZ
  2. Hello Bro ...
    You can see balance in wallet node bounty ...

    ID 16136503815437559796 (NHZ-ABZN-R8PY-PP5C-F25WZ (node bounty) )
    Balance: 42.00000000 NHZ
    Received: 37,092,009 NHZ (26 transactions)
    Forged: 44 NHZ (13/477 blocks)
    Sent: 37,035,928 NHZ (55,626 transactions)
    Fees: 56,083 NHZ

    balance 42 nhz so we only can wait , balance in node bounty filled again ...

    i asked to admin , it should be filled again ...

    so wait and wait hhe

    terima kasih broh :D
  3. but i don't when it filled again hihii? ;D
  4. ga ngertiiii

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