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  1. Pharesim Administrator

    None of us in the team is a marketing genius, but we will probably need those if we want to reach out to a lot of people.

    Small things do help already, so if you run a blog or are an active member on a forum or got a lot of followers/friends on a social network and want to introduce us for a bounty go ahead and do so, or talk to one of us before to talk about the height of the bounty.

    We need someone writing texts snippets, press releases, newsletters. This could also be done collaborative on the forum or an etherpad.

    Maybe you even feel suited to set up an own small team as marketing director?
  2. I could do this work...possibly in a team if others are interested.

    Anyone else interested in discussing options and campaign strategies?
  3. im interested too.
    what do you think about facebook, twitter, ... ?
  4. Pharesim Administrator

    I created a twitter: https://twitter.com/NeXTHorizonNHZ

    Anyone interested in managing it?
  5. Jerical13 Moderator

    I am interested in helping out. Is anyone running a Facebook Page? I searched for NHZ on Facebook and couldn't find a page?? I have initiated setting one up, and would like to continue if no one is doing so.
  6. Pharesim Administrator

    There's no facebook yet, you're welcome to manage that! :)

    //edit: http://forum.nhzcrypto.org/index.php/topic,191.0.html - please talk to Siggi84 for access
  7. If you guys are still looking for marketing support, please drop me a line.

    I am experienced in writing, press releases, graphics design, to name a few.
  8. Pharesim Administrator

    Dropped a PM and an email, waiting for response...
  9. Hey Pharesim
    Just responded.? :)
  10. I am working on Beyond Bitcoin X, which is essentially a site where people from communities can register and sign up to be authors who can then post news and project updates (along with any other content you wish) for the community you love.?

    This would be a perfect opportunity as we have big plans and an intention on seeing it through.? Please feel free to pst me if you guys are interested in this.?

    As for Graphic Design and such, we are always looking for more help!

    As a final note, everything with this service is free to you (I personally pay out of pocket for the Mumble Server and site)...all I want to see is huge scale crypto-adoption.? Please let me know if interested.
  11. Jerical13 Moderator

    Visit our Facebook page and follow the instructions found in the "Page Likes" post to collect the bounty.
  12. Jerical13 Moderator

    We want you to be involved in developing NHZ, and we want you to benefit from being involved, so we will be giving tips and bounties for your help.

    The first thing you will need to do is install the latest NHZ client. (See link below for latest download) You can also collect a bounty for "Liking" our page (see link below to find out how).

    We have figured out a way to tip you guys for being involved with NHZ on Facebook. So once you have installed the client, list your Account ID on you your Facebook profile.

    Here is how:

    On your page at the top, click on the "About" button, then click on "Edit Address", Then paste your Account ID into the line for "Neighborhood", then click "Save Changes". Then send Us a message that says "Tip Me" and we will send you 500 more coins to the Account ID listed in your profile. (Please feel free to create multiple accounts for your privacy )

    So install the client and get back to us. We want to give you MONEY And tell your friends. We want to give them MONEY too.

    Latest Client Download: http://nhzcrypto.org/downloads/
    How to collect "Page Like" Bounty: https://www.facebook.com/nhzcrypto/photos/pb.1440640676222393.-2207520000.1406987903./1450784625207998/?type=1&theater
  13. Jerical13 Moderator

    Join the NeXT Horizon Community and earn vestment in NHZ!!!

    150k NHZ will draw 10% annual interest (paid daily), and also gives you Proof of Stake that will make you eligible to earn NHZ for authoring blocks.

    Complete the following tasks to earn your stake:

    1. Like The NHZ page on Facebook

    2. Like and Share this Facebook.

    3.Create a User Account on the NHZ Forum

    4. Post to the NHZ Forum (any topic will do).

    5. Install the latest NHZ Client.

    6.List your NHZ Account ID on your Facebook profile.

    7. Post a comment under This Facebook post that lists your user name for the NHZ forum, and your NHZ Account ID.

    Once completion of all the required criteria has been verified, a deposit of 150,000 NHZ will be made to the account listed on your Facebook profile. All criteria must be met to earn vestment. One vestment per user. Facebook account must have been started BEFORE June 1, 2014 to be eligible. If you have any problems or questions about this opportunity, please post here, or on Facebook, and we will be glad to help. This opportunity will end at Midnight (EDT US) on Sunday, September 7, 2014.
  14. Just did a NHZ NxtHorizonCrypto Group on fb!!
  15. Hello, I am a writer with Bitcoinist.net (my recent work is here: http://bitcoinist.net/author/edward/ ) and will soon have a series called "Dropping the Dollar" running on CoinTelegraph. I'm also Chief Business Develop Officer for an organization called Pacific Blockchain. That organization has been searching for the perfect platform to launch our ICO. We originally planned on using NXT but after the accusastions Jeff Garzik made in regards to their organization, we're a little wary. So our search has continued and led me here to you.

    While we are currently leaning towards CoinPrism I still have plenty of room to write about other platforms. Now I will writer about NHZ either way but I think you guys may have a very interesting story here, about how the community reacts to a good idea in the hands of the wrong people, about never being forced to use someones app, about the power of open source, etc, etc. In fact I'm confident I can do a whole regular series on you guys.

    If that sounds like something worth a bounty, then I would be very grateful for the consideration. I also have an amazing sales/marketing director on my team who I'm sure can help you package and pitch your platform in a way that would allow you to reach a much wider audience. If that sounds like an asset you'd like access to I'm sure I can convince him to take a look at your offering for you.

    Let me know if any of that sounds enticing.
  16. Is it end?September 7, 2014
  17. Pizpie

    Pizpie NHZ Business Director Administrator

    Hey, can you get in contact with me via any of the following modes, thanks! Very interested in speaking with you.

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: hyperion1232
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nick.cote.77
  18. I'll be promoting Next Horizon some more in the next few months. Stay tuned :)


  19. Hi guys. I will promote Horizon on my Twitterchannel: @CryptoTraders
    Focus is news, announcements, articles, video, anything basically. If you have content to post or promote related to HZ then pls send a pm or reply here with an url. See you around. Great project!
  20. Pizpie

    Pizpie NHZ Business Director Administrator

    Good speaking with you, thanks for your interest with Horizon. I'll be sure to forward you the information you will need.

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