This is a gateway to trade Bitshares DACs on the NHZ Asset Exchange
Trade Bitshares PTS with minimal fees on a full-scale decentralized exchange platform.
All you need is a wallet and a NHZ Account. Deposit on the address you receive by submitting the form. Withdraw by transferring the asset back to the issuer, providing your PTS address in the comment.
We charge a fee of 0.02 PTS for each deposit and withdrawal at the moment, this amount is experimental and may be subject to change.
Each bid, ask and transfer costs 1 NHZ. If you don't have any, you can get some for your initial trades at
The asset ID for DACxPTS is 6708542448838304844, issued by NHZ-94Q3-8RYZ-DYJ4-37DAW
NHZ Address:

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